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2012-11-22 Best Photos
   25 new best photos added.

2012-11-17 Galleries
   Kebne 2012 gallery added.

2012-11-03 Galleries
   Thailand/Dublin gallery added.

2012-10-30 Galleries/Best Photos
   Seasons gallery and 90 new best photos added.

2012-01-03 Galleries
   New year and bastutunna added.

2011-12-19 Best Photos
   110 new photos added (start 2010-03).

2011-11-16 Galleries
   Added Uffe & Katrin och Bloop galleries.

2011-08-08 Galleries
   Added Midsummer and Urkult galleries.

2011-06-06 Galleries
   Two panoramas added from the Sagrada Familia church in Barcelona.

2011-05-31 Galleries
   Added a bunch of 2011 galleries.

2011-01-12 Galleries
   Added a bunch of 2010 galleries.

2010-08-09 Galleries
   Added Urkult gallery.

2010-03-24 Best Photos
   140 new photos added.

2010-03-12 Galleries
   Added Kebnekaise and Mazda crash from 2009.

2010-03-02 Web Services
   Added Nerd Night planer.

2009-06-23 Galleries
   Added a bunch of galleries for 2009.

2009-04-15 Projects added to projects page.

2008-10-22 Best Photos
   83 new photos added.

2008-07-28 Galleries
   Niklas bachelor party added.

   This site and it's e-mail adresses now also works with the domain (

2008-07-01 Galleries
   Midsummer gallery added.

2008-05-25 Galleries
   Most backups restored and 2 new galleries added.

2008-05-22 Syntax Error
   Hard drive crash :-( Backups will be restored when there is time.

2008-03-29 Best Photos
   Added 66 photos, from autumn to winter.

2008-03-25 Galleries
   Two galleries added. Serre Chevalier and Sylarna.

2007-09-07 Best Photos
   35 photos added.

2007-07-21 Web Services
   Weekly In-A-Bundy registration page added.

2007-07-21 Galleries
   Three galleries added.

2007-05-11 Best Photos
   77 new photos added.

2007-05-01 Galleries
   More galleries added.

2007-01-21 Galleries
   New year 2006/2007 gallery added.

2007-01-04 Us
   Added some photos of us on our pages.

2006-11-24 Projects - Script Monitor
   New project added. The ScriptMonitor used for the Chat monitor above (documentation coming soon).

2006-11-18 Best Photos
   Added one whole new photo. This foggy evening made it to the 14th place in my top 50 list. Looks better in the maximized window as it is pretty dark.

2006-11-01 Chat monitor
   Fixed a bug in the chat and added colors depending on who wrote a text.

2006-10-26 Marielle
   My wifes page is up.

2006-09-04 Galleries
   A bunch of galleries added.

2006-09-01 Best Photos
   Added 7 new photos.

2006-08-17 Best Photos
   Added Locations.

2006-08-16 Chat
   The chat is up and running. More to come though. Some colors and stuff.

2006-08-10 Company page
   Added first draft of the company page.
   Contact information on my (Fredrik) page.

2006-07-20 Best Photos
   Added 146 new photos and categorized the old once (click maximize on Slideshow frame).