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Me... And back again...

So, where do I begin?
   - Well, I was born in the town Sandviken in Sweden.
Hmm, and where am I now!?
   - By my computer in Gävle.
Who am I then?
   - I have no idea. Depends of the observer I think :-)
Ok, but what do I like to do?
   - A little bit of everything. Have a whole life to fill with stuff so not sitting around on my ass all the time anyway.

Actually above intro started out with the theme of Sandviken, but as I have moved it seemed as it was a good time to update it. So here I am again filling in some intro text, just to make this page a bit fatter. With a little bit of this. And ofcourse a little bit of that aswell. No, to be a bit more serious, lets make a little flashback and review my life:

Born, scream, eat, pee, sleep, crawl, scream, grab, laugh, play Commodore 64, eat, sleep, say mommy, walk, shit, go to daycare..

Hey wait, maybe it wasn't in that order but as I remember, most of my childhood was infront of a blue screen on the TV and contanstly loading Turbo 250 and trying to find the right starting point on those old overused tapes. I think it was pretty early anyway :-)

... ride a foot-paddling-car, Lego, school, paint, He-man, draw comics, Garbage pail kids, frogs, play Amiga, skatebord, steal comics from magazine dumpyard, fantasy roleplaying, hate school, Aeon flux, school's over, Warhammer, gameprogramming, drinking with buddys, PC, military service, Magic, northern point of Sweden, upgrade school grades, Diablo, deep books, downhill skiing, moved from home, banana-sliding into computer education, snowed in, free, move, build house, work, another work, Linux, running, 3D, Gran Canaria, big mistake, no adress, London, Australia, diving, Egypt, V6, shotgun, Quake, USA, radar, Nordahl, Rhodos, Paris, moved, bungy jump, alps, Sylarna, Icehotel, photography, clavicula, Geocaching, Malta, Blomqvist...

And here I am. My birthday coming up in a few months and the beautiful (but rainy) autumn along with it. What awaits around the corner I have no clue, and probably wont be what I expect anyway so I'll just keep sliding, and see what happens. So, moving along with some data:

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Contact information

    Hattmakargatan 3
    803 11 Gävle

    +46 (0)70 376 95 56




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My Data

    1.90 m

    Computers, GFGenesis, travel, photographing, life

    Star wars, Lord of the rings, Saving private ryan, Sin City, Sixth sense, Matrix, Ghost in the shell, Enemy at the gates, Love Actually, Planet Earth

    Chinese, Liquorice, Olives, Marzipan, Garlic, Kinder

    Tokyo, Ghosts, Fly, GFGenesis

    Absolute vodka bottles, DVDs, Photographs, Coins, Big books

    HTC TyTN, Cubit 3, Panasonic DMC-TZ3, Lifebook P7010, IAUDIO X5, MX-3

    Lizards, frogs, rat, gerbils, cats, fishes, crabs, shrimps, dog

    Machu Picchu