The Name

Fibix? What the smack is that?

Ski wax?
Horse food?
Some kind of glue?
Hmm, something nasty?
Somebody in those roman cartoons?
Breakfast cereals? (With extra fibres?)
Wasnt there a green jelly man called that?

Nah, its just a silly made up name. Just me sitting down toying with some letters:

Starting out with FIB for my name (Fredrik John Blomqvist). However it was hard to pronounce with a J, so changed it to an I. Almost the same. Who will notice anyway!? And for that matter, care at all ;-) In the logo it even looks like a J!

X then? Well, all cool things have an X in them. Like for instance, Linux (no comments), xenomorph (no, not tux, he is for real!), proximity (think of something explosive. Too simple. Add an X-word, yeah, thats much better), pox (well, even something like that sounds cool).

Sadly, now even the jealous M$ has noticed this and is trying its best to take over the cool X:es (just like everything else). So ofcourse we have to get them back!
Made me think of something. I actually have three windows in my appartment. Do I have to pay some kind of fee as they are ®? All this is © though, so dont try anything ;-)

Wait! Wasn't there an extra I in there too? Oh, its just a hyphen, but to save some space, put in a vertical position.

So there you have it, Fjb-x became Fibix. Nothing fancy and special with a deeper meaning, just that simple :-)

Oh, almost forgot. The Digital is both for this being kind of like the digital representation of myself, and also to clearify what the company is working with (a bit anyway).